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Israel has developed a cure for the Coronavirus, Defence Minister Naftali Bennett claims.

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Jerusalem: Israel, a country known for its technology, has claimed that it has developed a vaccine against the covid-19 virus. The claim was made by Israeli Defence Minister Naftali Bennett. In addition, They said the Israel Institute for Biological Researchers had succeeded in developing antibodies to the coronavirus.

Israel-developed-cure-Coronavirus-Bennett claims.

Bennett claimed on Monday that Israel’s IIBR had succeeded in developing the corona vaccine. The vaccine stage is over. Above all, Preparations are now underway to patent and mass-produce the drug.

Bennett reported that these antibodies attack the coronavirus in a monoclonal manner. It eliminates the covid-19 virus from the inside of sick people. This prevents the coronavirus from spreading to other parts of the body. Moreover, This organization is under the Ministry of Defence of Israel.


The biological institute may be a world-renowned research and development agency, which relies on experienced researchers and scientists with great knowledge and quality infrastructures. There are now quite 50 experienced scientists performing at the institute on researching and developing a medical remedy for the virus”, it had said.

The organization has started patenting the drug. Large-scale drug production can only be done after obtaining a patent that allows the world to get this drug. However, no information has been provided on whether the drug has undergone a clinical trial or a human trial. After that Israel will talk about this with companies around the world.

In conclusion, The human trial of the vaccine is under process and hopefully, The biological institute will announce its success story as soon as possible. This will be a game-changing movement for the world as Israel promised to serve all humanity through this invention.


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