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How to prevent Coronavirus?

The disease (COVID-19) associated with the coronavirus that has been termed as Pandemic and has claimed thousands of innocent lives is rising at a serious rate and that’s the reason we need to be worried about.

The main problem with this virus is that till now we don’t have any medicine to cure it or any type of vaccination to prevent it. But thankfully there are some precautions that we can take to avoid being contaminated by this virus.

Preventive measures

1.)    The first and the most important preventive measure is to wash our hand regularly with soap and water or by using alcohol-based sanitizers because they kill the virus.

2.)    Another thing that can be done is to cover our face with a mask so that these virus gets filtered in the mask and doesn’t enter our body through our nose or mouth.

The main reason people die due to this virus is because it weakens the immune system, that’s why people who are elder or newborn babies are at a great risk of catching this virus

So the best possible way to prevent this virus is by strengthing our immune system so that as soon as it enters our body it gets killed by our white blood cells.

Here I will be telling you about the food items that you can include in your daily meal to boost your immune system.

Food items to boost Immunity: –

Fruits to boost immunity: –

1.)    Oranges
2.)    Sweet lime
3.)    Pineapple
4.)    Fresh berries
5.)    Papaya
6.)    Kiwi
7.)    Guava
8.)    Tomatoes

Vegetables to boost immunity: –

1.)    Broccoli
2.)    Cauliflower
3.)    Cabbage
4.)    Spinach
5.)    Carrots
6.)    Brinjal
7.)    Capsicum

Other important food items: –

1.)    Garlic
2.)    Ginger
3.)    Turmeric
4.)    Lemon
5.)    Green tea
6.)    Almonds

Amid all these tensions we can do our part by taking preventive measures and including these food items in our daily diet. Stay home stay healthy. In case of any health issues during this pandemic firstly avoid going anywhere and make yourself home quarantine.


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