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5 min read

The basic steps to take before sending your smartphone to repair. The mobile phone has become the most important part of people’s lives in this...

5 min read

Introduction This is the most excellent time for new startups or entrepreneurs. This is the era of opportunity. If you have an amazing idea to initiate a commercial enterprise the entire world will welcome you. This is the time within...

6 min read

Importance of sales process. Target achievement is the biggest headache for almost every salesperson, because, it is a number which is always increasing.  Year after...

10 min read

Overview - DIFFERENCE BETWEEN WEBSITE DESIGN AND DEVELOPMENT Being in a digital technology in which human relies upon on the web applications to live on;...

4 min read

In the early 2000s, the mobile device was the miracle of technology.  With the development of technology, cell phones are no longer an exclusive item for...

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