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Most Useful Mobile Apps For Entrepreneurs In 2020

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In the early 2000s, the mobile device was the miracle of technology.  With the development of technology, cell phones are no longer an exclusive item for wealthy people.  Almost everyone has this device.  It has become an essential means of our daily life.  With numerous mobile apps, you can turn your phone into a personal assistant, a supercomputer, or even a corporate assistant.  Are you an entrepreneur? 

OVERVIEW: Most Useful Mobile Apps For Entrepreneurs In 2020

Best mobile apps that are used by most of the Entrepreneurs, look at their reviews and download. Try once their website/ application.

1. Evernote APP

Evernote ranks first in the list of apps for entrepreneurs.  With this application, you can gather information faster, share ideas, and take notes anywhere. It helps you find new ideas, manage activities and appointments.  This app helps you to stay organized and to remember everything that is important for your company.  It helps you act decisively at the right time.

  • Reviews: One Million plus
  • Downloads: 100M+

 2. Linkedin WEBSITE/ APP 

LinkedIn is remarkable when it comes to high-end apps for entrepreneurs.  It helps you explore new business opportunities through a professional network. With this application, you can manage the professional identity of your company. This app is one of the very useful mobile applications that allows you to access the knowledge of professionals in the industry. It also helps other companies find you and work together in the future.

  • REVIEWS: 1,632,959
  • DOWNLOAD: 500,000,000+


Skype is one of the useful mobile applications for communication between entrepreneurs regardless of their geographic location. This telecommunication application offers convenient international calls with mobile phones. With this application, you can stay in touch with your customer from anywhere in the world. The simple user interface also offers cheap calls to mobiles or landlines. With the help of this application, you can spread your business all over the world.

  • REVIEWS: 11,096,357
  • DOWNLOADS: 1,000,000,000+

4. Dropbox WEBSITE/ APP

This is one of the best applications for entrepreneurs. It offers world-class file and cloud storage.  Manage all important business files. This app enables you to share and collaborate with your teammates and other industry professionals. Alleviates concerns about data theft and hacking. This way you can grow your business without stress.

  • REVIEWS: 2,012,926
  • DOWNLOADS: 500,000,000+

  5. Audible APP

 If you like to be on the go, Audible is one of the most useful mobile apps for entrepreneurs.  This application helps you listen to audiobooks. You can use this app for leisure and learning. With this, you can learn a lot about different business opportunities without having to sit down to read a book. With informative audiobooks, you open up all-new learning opportunities.

  • REVIEWS: 955,711
  • DOWNLOADS: 100,000,000+

  6. Lastpass  

Lastpass is one of the most useful applications for mobile devices and other digital devices for those who use a lot of electronic passwords. Manage encrypted passwords for every online platform. It is one of the best apps for entrepreneurs that manages multiple accounts. The form filling function of this application makes filling out several forms easy.

  • REVIEWS: 169,115
  • DOWNLOADS: 5,000,000+

  7. Trello

Trello is the best collaboration platform and one of the most important useful mobile applications for entrepreneurs. It makes planning and project management stress-free. With a simple and interactive platform, you can work with any team and get all the information at a glance. It really is a productivity platform for all companies.

  8. Grammarly

Grammarly is one of the useful grammar and content apps for mobile, laptop, and desktop platforms.  It helps you to look for grammatical errors in your document. They also offers interactive word selection options and helps documents meet industry standards. It is very useful to create content that is suitable for your work games.

  9. Freedcamp

Freedcamp is an interactive solution for any online business where you have to work with virtually multiple team members. It has desktop, mobile, and web project management interfaces. With this platform, you can manage an unlimited number of team members, files, and projects.

  10. Canva

Canva gives your company a professional look. With this program, you can create vector graphics and graphics.  The application is so simple that a non-designer can create professional-looking graphics for his company.  Most growing companies use this app for their web campaign development programs.

  11. Podcasts

If you are looking for useful mobile podcast apps, this is the one for you. This can helps you get the information you want from industry professionals. It helps you to listen to different podcasts. You can also listen to and update the latest news from your industry.

  12. RescueTime

Every company needs punctuality.  Time management is a very important factor that many entrepreneurs ignore.  Don’t make this mistake and manage your time efficiently with RescueTime. This app helps you understand how much time you spend on each project and makes you more productive in every part of the competitive business. The productivity improvement app is highly valued by Silicon Valley entrepreneurs.

  13. Buffer

 It is one of the best social media management software for growing companies. Manage and manage various social media accounts. With this simple application, you can easily schedule posts to Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and other accounts. It also promotes its business in the community and presents its business to new customers and clients.

  14- Accompany

Accompany is a relationship management application. Moreover, this useful mobile application helps you keep in touch with your customers. With this app, you can easily get market feedback and react quickly.  It also helps you stay in touch with other departments in your company.  Promote business integration and faster growth.

This is not the exclusive list of apps that could help you in the business world.  There are numerous applications that have been specially developed for various management genres and industries.  Choose your apps wisely.



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