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Seven People found dead after the chemical leak at the LG Polymers Plant in Visakhapatnam

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According to the recent news, styrene gas from the Hindustan Polymers plant at RR Venkatapuram, Gopalapatnam, Visakhapatnam, spread over the distance of 5 kilometers. It affects nearly five villages and accrued seven deaths.


People who are affected by the incidents are admitted to the government  Hospital at Gopalapatnam and the King George Hospital. The Principal of Andhra Medical College and GVMC Commissioner confirmed the death toll. Toll-Free Number 1800 4250 0009 is released for the assistance of the incidence.

The Gas was leaked between the time 2.30 to 3.00 Am from the plant and it affected the nearby areas with the poisonous gas. Affected areas are R.R. Venkatapuram, Padmapuram, B.C. Colony, and Kamparapalem. 


Homi Bhabha Cancer Hospital former director Dr. D Raghunatha Rao said that styrene is preliminary used in the production of polystyrene plastics and resins. Acute exposure to styrene in humans results in mucous membrane and eye irritation and gastrointestinal effects.

The Municipal Corporation of Vishakhapatnam is working with the police along with NDRF to calm the gas leak in Seven People found dead after the chemical leak at Polymers Plant effect by blowing water through water blowers. Also, instructions are given to people for taking precautions like to cover the face with the wet cloth.


PM Modi spoke to Andhra Pradesh CM Y.S. Jagan Mohan Reddy regarding the situation occurs in Visakhapatnam. He assured them all help and support needed. Also meeting with the National Disaster Management Authority at the PM office is arranged in the wake of the situation that occurred in Visakhapatnam.

NDRF Team reached the factory where the gas leak took place. 

As per government hospital capacity, Mr. Reddy asked the Chief Secretary to use private hospitals for treatments. Mr. Reddy is expected to visit the port city for obtaining a first-hand account of the disaster. According to the Police report, 2000 people from the evacuated place are moved to various places. Police reached the spot at around 3.00 AM and alerted the people with loudspeakers and siren. The Collector said that ambulance, police, and APSRTC buses were deputed to evacuate the people from the tragic situation.


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