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Importance of sales process.

Target achievement is the biggest headache for almost every salesperson, because, it is a number which is always increasing.  Year after year and month after month it is increasing. In this competitive era, it is not easy to hit the targets al the time.  Hence sales professionals are facing the problem of stress. The life of a sale person is full of stress and professional challenges. People don’t like to enter into sales profession.

But I have a very different view of the sales profession. The sales profession is one of the most powerful profession. Remember every problem has a solution.  It is not a tough job if you understand the importance of the sales process. Yes! It is a process-oriented profession.If you want to achieve the targets or if you want to become a powerful salesperson you must understand the sales process“. It is a very beautiful process.  This Business blog is a step by step guide to implement the sales process in your career.


A successful salesperson follows the process. It becomes a habit or a daily routine of the salesperson to follow the sales process. I mean to say that your selling habits will form your future. Remember, selling is the most lucrative profession. To earn good amount from the selling profession you need to develop professional selling skills.  Here I will share some most powerful hacks to achieve your sales goals. So, let’s start.



Profiling of your buyer is the most important part of the selling process, popularly known as the making of a buyer’s persona. You should be very clear about your buyer. I mean ask the following questions to yourself before you start.

  • Who could be your perfect buyer? 
  • There ideal age group?
  • What could be there social identity?
  • There gender?
  • What could be the perfect geography of your buyer?
  • What could be the perfect demography of your buyer?
  • Get maximum clarity about your buyer. Remember clarity about the buyer will help you create a proper minimum action plan.



Get maximum clarity about your product/service. What does it means? Remember people don’t buy features. They even don’t buy the benefits. They only buy solutions for their problems.  So, it is very much important for a salesperson to identify the top 5 problems of your buyers. Because you should never try to sell your product/service to the buyer, you should always try solving his problem. A good salesperson is one who never sells a product/ service he always solves the problem of their buyer. After understanding your buyer and product/service prepare your action plan.


Salesperson -ACTION-PLAN?

HABIT 1: Prospecting habit

The very first habit that every salesperson must develop is prospecting habits. To prepare a perfect minimum action plan you need to prepare your prospect list first. So, everyday morning you have to write a few prospect names in your planner. Prospect name doesn’t mean that you write down any names, it means you have to write down the names of  “tip1” qualified buyers. Write down at least 50 names in your prospect funnel.

This funnel is very important. This very first step can change your scenario from the very first day. Most of the salesperson faces the problem of deadlock. Deadlock means no more prospects. So, keeping a funnel update is very, very important for every professional salesperson. Prospecting habit plays a very vital role in organizing your meeting smoothly. 

HABIT 2: Organising meetings

Once you have a strong list of qualified buyers with you it is very much important to organizing the meeting. Meeting a qualified buyer is a flow, keep on meeting qualified buyers. This flow should be a constant process. It will also require time management and balancing skills.

Because a salesperson should balance the number meeting in such a way that he/she could manage the cold calls and follow up meetings. So, now you will require a scheduler also. Manage your daily appointment sheet properly or you will lose the well-qualified client just because you are capable enough to fulfill your time commitment. Organizing meetings is the second essential habit of salesperson.

HABIT 3: Preparing a sales script

This is the heart sale process. You should be well prepared before you go for a meeting. Presenting yourself and your product/ service is an art. It has a proper flow that every salesperson should manage. 

30 second classified

Prepare a 30 second classified to introduce yourself and your company. The most powerful method is to write down a script, a 30 second classified on a page. The above class should include your introduction, the company’s short introduction, and the purpose of the meeting. This introduction should also include a short brief of the solution your product/service is providing. A short introduction should give clarity about what your potential buyer will get at the end of this meeting. And how much time you are going to take.


Prepare your presentation.

A sales presentation should be based on 3 p’s. 3 p’s means purpose, process, and pay off. In your presentation you should you must focus on 3 important things purpose, process, and pay off. Because right now your potential buyer has

3 major doubts in their mind.

1. Why should I buy a product/service?

2. What will be the process?

3. How it will work for me?

And what problem will be solved by product/ service? To prepare your presentation you should be “tip2” well educated about your product/service. 

Objection handling


If you are having an objection by your potential buyer means you have not prepared your presentation properly. But don’t worry when a buyer is raising the objection he is clearly indicating his interest in your product/service. He wants more clarifications. You might have missed discussing in your presentation. Objection handling skill has 3 phases.

Listen your potential buyer’s concern

Many sale people enter into the argument when his potential buyer is raising the objection. It is not the right way. They may have their own concerns which you have not addressed yet. So listen carefully to your potential buyer. Understand their concerns. Accept that his concern is not meaningless.

Accept the concern 

Please do not ignore the possibility of their concern. Don’t try to make him positive in any case. Because if you will enter into an argument with him. He will become more negative. And you will lose his trust. We need to win his trust.

Prepare him with a possible solution.

Discuss the possible way out or solution your company, product/service provides in such a case. You can also discuss the true incidence that previously happened with your client. Even give him a chance to get a reference from your existing client. This will help you in gaining trust for your company, product/service.

Understand the buying indications.

The most common mistake I have observed in a sales profession is they keep on discussing or explaining their product/service even the buyer gives them the buying indication. Buying indications are questions or statement that shows that the person is ready to buy product/service. This is the time when a salesperson should not talk more about product/service he should enter into the closing process.

Closing process:

When your potential buyer is giving you the buying indication a good sales profession jumps into the closing process. That means ensuring the deal. There are many different formulas for the closing process.

Reference gathering:

This is the last but very, very important step. It is the step that keeps the process wheal active. The habit of reference gathering will keep your prospecting list full. This means the funnel for the new meeting is full. So, don’t forget to gather new references from your existing clients, new clients and even from your friends. Collect at least 5 references every day. 

Set the process and develop the right habits to get success in the sales profession. Remember this is the most lucrative profession but it is also a highly demanding profession. Keep on selling and happy selling.


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