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Janta curfew

Recently our Prime minister Narendra Modi addressed the nation regarding the spread of Coronavirus and how we can control it. He also introduced the concept of Janta Curfew. As the name suggests it is not a curfew implemented by the government. But it is actually a formal request by our PM. He requested to its citizens to remain at home on the 22nd of March from 7 am to 9 pm. PM Modi in his speech said that it is a curfew “by the public, for the public”.

Aim behind Janta curfew

The aim behind this curfew is to flatten the curve of Coronavirus. And that can only be achieved by maintaining social distancing. He told the elderly people to stay at home for the next two days. As these are the people who are at a high risk of catching coronavirus. The virus can only be stopped from spreading by avoiding gathering. That’s why Janta curfew will play a major role in stopping it to some extent.

He also later clarified in his speech that this curfew won’t have any impact on the various essential services such as Doctors, Sanitary workers, government officials, police, delivery agents and others will continue to work like regular.

PM Suggestions

He suggested that the government officials will work in rotational shifts of 50 percent on alternate days. PM Modi also suggested that in order to complement the work of these people. We will express our gratitude towards them by giving them a five-minute standing ovation at 5 pm on Sunday by clapping, hands, beating plates, or ringing out bells.

With such a huge population. India is a very high risk due to this virus. Though this curfew won’t stop the spread of Coronavirus at once. If we together behave like responsible citizens by avoiding social gatherings and taking preventive measures then we can control it very nicely.


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