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World war 3 – Is it a possibility or a Myth?

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With rumors surfacing on almost all kinds of media about the chances of World war 3, the topic has surely gained the attention of all of us.

The US airstrike in Iraq which killed the Major general Qasem Soleimani of the Iran revolutionary guard is the straw that broke the Camel’s back and forced the Irani government to unfurl the red flag and hence send a message to the US that they are ready for a war.

How did Iraq come into the picture in between the US and Iran? It becomes a little confusing….Right?    
Read along to get the answer.

So “Iran revolutionary guards” is basically a force that consists of the best soldiers with top-notch weapons and equipment and this force has many sub-parts of which Quds is one of them.

Maj. Gen. Qasem Soleimani was leading the Quds force and the Quds force handles all the external aggressions and the external threats that might affect Iran. That pretty much explains how the Quads’ leader was killed in Iraq and not in Iran. 

Why US thought it as a need to kill Qasim Soleimani?

Many protests are going on in Iraq against the corrupt government, then anti-Iranian sentiments, anti-US sentiments. The Iraqi people believe that Iran is interfering too much in their internal matters. Also, the people there believe that their economy has been crumbled because of the US.

The Irani revolutionary guards thought it as the best opportunity to turn the anger of Iraqi people from them towards the US. A recent attack on the US Baghdad embassy by the protestors is a clear proof of that. With this, the US understood the need to kill the top leader of the Quds force and it did by the use of Attack drone.

attack on the US Baghdad embassy

The US and a few other countries including Bahrain and Saudi Arabia have already termed the Iran revolutionary guard as a terrorist organization. The Statement by the Department of Defense of the US read that “It has killed the head of the Iranian revolutionary guard corps- Quds force, a US-designated foreign terrorist organization.

Can it lead to a world war?

The US and Israel have already braced themselves against any kind of retaliation from Iran side. With China maintaing it’s supremacy in the Indian ocean region, would not leave Iran alone and would surely come in, to showcase it’s military strength.

Moreover, we also can’t neglect the fact that China was the only country that came in to help Iran when the US had put sanctions on them. This could possibly work as a chain reaction, gradually pulling many countries into the war. 

How can it affect India?

If Iran comes to war with the US. The crude oil supply will be hit badly in the whole Asian region. This will result in an increase in its price. To counter Pakistan, India has already invested millions of dollars in a port named Chabahar. Which is in Iran, if war takes place there are high chances of this port getting devastated.

Since Iran is a friendly nation to India, India won’t attack Iran. And will try to solve the issue with peace and diplomatic talks.

What acted as an ignition for the present-day scenario?

Just after trump became the president of the USA. It imposed sanctions on Iran due to its illicit nuclear activities. And warned other countries that if they buy oil from Iran then the US will impose sanctions on them too.

All the countries including India stopped buying oil from Iran.

Iran’s economy crumbled as it was a major exporter of oil and it was not able to sell oil. Iran was cornered and then to its help came China which didn’t follow US sanctions.

Above all, Iran even threatened to block the Strait of Hormuz if the sanctions are not lifted by the US. However, The present-day scenario where Iran officially declared war is an outburst of all these previous events.

In conclusion, World war 3 is not that easy as people think about it. It’s just a myth nothing else. But still, all the above facts are important to keep in mind and need to be prepared for worst conditions like world war 3.


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