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Best Watches for men under 5000 INR

Importance of Watch

With the modernization of the world one thing that has surely lost its importance, is the watches. Back in old times, however, these were considered to be of great importance as these were the only equipment that would allow a person to keep track of time and be punctual. In those Days, there was no need to carry a watch.

From showing up for work at a time to synchronizing a military attack, the watches served the purpose for all. For instance, Originally these watches were not the way we see them today, earlier there were no straps on them and it was called a pocket watch (since they were carried in pockets). But with passing time people learned that wearing a watch on their wrist is a more convenient and effective way, it also rules out the need of taking them out every time you want to see the time. Most of the people of today’s generation would say “What’s the need to wear a watch when I can just look at the time on my phone?”. But here we will be giving you

9 ultimate reasons to wear a watch

Ensures Punctuality

Wearing a watch helps you remind yourself about your relationship with time. To be a successful person in life, time is what you need to value. Researches have shown that the people who wear a watch are more punctual than the people who don’t. It gives you a feeling of responsibility towards work and also helps you remind that you have only 24 hours and you got to make good use of it.

Watches are great accessories

Watch is considered to be an important accessory by the people who wear them. For them, this is a piece of jewelry that enhances their style and look. Wearing a watch on your dress makes it a complete package that otherwise looks as if something is missing. This is so versatile that it easily matches with the outfit that you are wearing. A good looking watch can enhance your look and personality.

Convenient and easy to operate 

Though a lot of people say “What’s the need to wear a watch when I can just look at the time on my phone?” But believe this or not, seeing the time in your watch is way more convenient than taking out your phone from your pocket and checking the time. Moreover, be it any kind of watch, they are very easy to operate. This just a simple machine that can be used by anyone without any hassle. Even a child of age between 7-8 can tell time correctly.

Wide variety to choose from

There are a wide variety of watches that caters to the need of everyone. Some watches monitor the heart rate, then some watches can check the blood pressure. Waterproof watches are there that can withstand very high pressure and for the same reason are used by deep-sea divers. Then there is another variety of watch that is used by fighter pilots. People can choose a watch that best suits their needs.

Offers simplicity without causing distraction

Almost all of us would have come across this problem at least once, that we took out our phone to check the time and then start using it for minutes before actually realizing about wasting so much time. If you use a watch then you minimize your chances of getting distracted by your phone as these are very simple equipment that can’t cause distraction. You can’t look at the dials of your watches or play with it, unlike your phone.

Are considered as an heirloom

Watches are regarded as one of the important heirlooms. Some people wear vintage watches to carry forward the tradition of their families as these watches were actually worn by their grandparents or their great grandparents and then gifted to them as heirlooms.

Very Reliable 

Reliability is one of the most important aspects of wearing a wristwatch. They existed much before the invention of electricity that means you can use them just by installing batteries and these batteries run for almost years together. Watches with a built-in compass are often used by travelers to find the direction. Imagine running out of your smartphone batteries in between a jungle, then the only thing that you can rely upon, are these watches.

Fits almost every occasion 

Phones don’t work everywhere but watches do. For example, you are going for a competitive exam. It is obvious that they won’t allow you to carry your phone inside the examination hall but you need not worry as there is no such restriction in carrying your watch. Competitive exams are all about managing your time so that you can do the maximum number of questions in minimum time and for the same reason you should be having a watch to keep track of your time.

Reflects style

Unlike women, men have a limited number of accessories, and watches give them the ability to express themselves, their personality, and their style. Watches are considered to be one of the important styling factors. People choose watches according to their personalities. A lot can be told by a person’s look by merely seeing at his watch. This is a very powerful tool that speaks volumes without saying a word.

There are different type of watches you should know about are:

·Analog: Traditional type
·Digital: Using LCD Screen to display time & information
·Hybrid: Combination of Analog & Digital watches
·Tactile: pocket watches
·Touchscreen: functions are controlled through touching screen
·Casual: Most affordable type of watch which goes with the style
·Dress: Best for Business & formal clothing
.Fashion: focuses on branding & having a prominent logo
·Luxury: a specific style of watch which define a brand’s own reputation

Best watches for men under 5000

Watches come into various shapes, sizes, and designs. You can choose the one that you like the most and the one that fits your budget. There are different designs for men and women. If you have already seen a lot of watches and are confused about finalizing one, and you have already decided a budget but you are not sure about the watch that will suit your needs then you have come to the right place. Worry not! We will help you decide the best watch for you. I have shortlisted some of the best watches with amazing features under 5000 that will help you decide which one to go for.

Casio Enticer A950 Analog Black Dial Men’s Watches

Casio’s Enticer series are ruling the market with its eye-catching design and worthy price. This watch comes with a black dial color and is of stainless steel. Above all, The company has provided 2 years of warranty against any manufacturing defects and also 50m of water resistance. At a price range of 4995 Indian rupees, this watch is absolutely a good deal.


Titan Neo Analog Champagne Dial Men’s Watches

Titan Neo Analog Champagne Dial Men’s Watch

Titan has always been known to produce excellent quality watches. And the Titan Neo is a perfect example of it. This watch comes with 3 sub-dials which give the function of stopwatch, date, and day. The glass that it comes with, is a scratchproof glass and the watch is also water-resistant up to 50 meters. This watch also has a warranty for two years. With its classy look, this watch is surely going to attract many eyes during any kind of occasion. You can buy this watch for 4545 Indian rupees.

Casio AD160 Youth Series Watches


Firstly, If you are a fan of G-shock watches then this watch will surely get your interest. This analog-digital watch has a LED light that helps you check the time even in absolute darkness. Moreover, It has a wide range of features which include a stopwatch, calendar, alarm, countdown timer, and the list goes on. Also supports a 12/24-hour time format. The strap is made up of stainless steel. Also, the watch offers mind-boggling water resistance up to a depth of 100 meters. You can buy this watch for 4645 Indian rupees.

Fossil CH2925I Brigg’s Collection Watch

Fossil CH2925I Brigg’s Collection Watches

This watch is the best watch that will go along with your formals wear. It comes With Chronograph dials and dates display. Apart from this, The straps and the cases are made up of silicone. Moreover, This watch also comes with two years of warranty and is water-resistant up to 100 meters. At a price tag of 4549, this watch is a steal deal.

Fastrack Midnight Party Analog Black Dial Men’s Watch

Fastrack Midnight Party Analog Black Dial Men's Watches

In Conclusion, This watch by Fastrack is the best watch that can easily go with parties as well as formal events. Above all, For party animals, this watch is a boon. It’s a multi-dial analog watch and to control the dials there are two crowns on both sides of the watch. However, This watch comes for a warranty of 1 year at a price tag of 2716 Indian rupees.


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