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Gates Foundation WHO and Wuhan virology hacked

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Microsoft and Wuhan virology hacked

Gates Foundation WHO and Wuhan virology hacked

Firstly, Twitter is flooded with the news of the Gates FoundationWorld health organization (WHO), and the Wuhan Institute of Virology getting hacked. Most importantly, Many famous personalities have come up and twitted against the same. After the hack was performed many emails passwords and personal data of thousands of users were dumped online on various sites.

Who hacked WHO, Wuhan, and Gates foundation?

The USA hackers took to Twitter to confirm that the hack has been done by κατέχον militia. Initially, the hack was done for Gates Foundation and all the data have been leaked to the public by the @usahackers themselves. The hackers then decided to hack the data of WHO and Wuhan Institute of Virology becomes it seemed interconnected. The official statement given by them was:-

“From what we uncovered in the data of that hack. We decided to hack the WHO, CDC, NIH & World Bank and leak their data too because it’s all connected.”@usahackers elaborated”.

Here’s a link that you can visit to see the dumbed data leaked by the @usahackers.

Gates foundation – 






Moreover, there are chances of these links getting expired or being removed by the officials till the time you read this post.

Taking all these facts into consideration. Above all, there are chances of many other valuable data getting leaked in the recent future. Therefore the best thing to do as of now is to wait for the official confirmation.

In conclusion, It seems like a question on World health organization, CDC, NIH, and World Bank’s security. But we can not say anything until the final confirmation by respected organizations.


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