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In the month of March, an extra 8 thousand coffins have been purchased

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Corona has been spread over 200 countries around the world. So far 82 thousand people have been killed. Each country is taking steps to fight the Corona. In Brazil, the situation is gaining ground. Brazil is the most serious state of affairs in Sao Paulo. Here, the government has expressed suspicion of killing more than 1 lakh people in the next six months. So the cemeteries of Sao Paulo are proof that the government here has laid down its arms against the Corona. Meanwhile the requirement for coffins increases.

The largest cemetery in Latin America is the villa pharmacy of Sao Paulo. The cemetery itself is as far as it goes. According to the rules here, people are cremated in only 6 minutes. They are not allowed to meet or touch people in the family.

This has become commonplace in Brazil. 1.5 million New tombs can be built in this cemetery of Villa Formosa. People are being buried here. They do not know if the corona has occurred.

New rules for the funeral in Sao Paulo

New rules have been created for the funeral in Sao Paulo. Under which the corpse is cremated in just 6 minutes. More than 10 people are not involved in the funeral. The work of the people working in this cemetery has doubled. There are 60 people being buried every day here. People working here say that deaths are more than government figures.

The situation here is that the line of tombs used to fill up in three months is now being filled in one month. Those digging the graves said that the death toll would increase if it was limited before the results of the corona test. The numbers shown in the newsletters are incorrect. It can be twice or three times.

The Brazilian Ministry of Health also acknowledges that many of Corona’s cases are not known due to delays in the test. Cemeteries are erupting from Italy in the cemetery. Relatives of people digging graves in the cemetery are being told to wait.

From burial to flowering, the process is completed in 6 minutes. Here the government is allowing funerals in special cases without a death certificate. In Brazil, the corona has just begun. So far there have been 14 thousand cases against. While 688 people have died. The tombs are only visible in Villa Formosa. The cemetery is spread over 7.5 lakh square meters. There can be about 1.5 million tombs.

In Conclusion, The cemetery of Sao Paulo already has 257 employees. But most of them are in isolation itself. Here, 6,000 coffins are purchased every month. But in the month of March, an extra 8 thousand coffins have been purchased. Above all, Employees working here are constantly digging graves.


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